Vive La Macón!

Vive La Macón!

There once was a very strong willed woman who always said that she was going to be famous someday. She more than dabbled in modeling for Miss Clairol, owned and ran an antique store for many years and damn well put her name on the record she produced in 1971 for my Dad, after all!


After marriage, her name was Maria Alicia Cortes Otero Noble. Fast forward many years later, I named my label in honour of her, and also added the “La” to make it more my own, as I was heavily influenced by her attitude and style but was sadly unable to attend her funeral while I was just entering my 2nd year of fashion design school. I was torn between the two and continued my education. She would have approved.

After many years of being in business utilizing her name, I created a textile inspired and designed from that very 45 single that my father recorded and my mother sang backup on while expecting moi. Alas, I like to think that I am on this recording in some ways ...

It’s been a long time dream to have a luxe printed textile produced for my label. It’s currently available for finishing your perfect garment and available in a poly/rayon and also as a stiffer poly Satin.

I hope this sheds a little light to why I created my dream label and I also hope that you enjoy a little piece of my history while you are in a garment that you wear from La Macón. 

Much love,

Shari Noble

aka, Ma Chérie